demo MANDATORY PERFORMANCE DISCLOSURE Online Admission In CBSE 10th result , we have got all India 5th Rank & District Topper (Athira S Kumar – 99%, 495/500 marks), 100% first class pass with 16 students scored above 90% and 54 students secured distinction In CBSE class 12th result , Siddhartha bagged the district topper position(Soorya Narayanan S – 488/500 , 97.6%) with 100% first class pass & 12 out of 18 students scored distinction.

Siddhartha Central School

About Our School

The school is named after the Great Teacher “SIDDHARTHA” who enlightened the mankind with his heavenly teachings and proclaimed as light of Asia- Lord Buddha. ‘Siddhartha’ is managed by a group of teachers and eminent personalities from all walks of life named after ‘Siddhartha Foundation’, Kollam. It is a non-profitable and charitable trust functioning under the effective guidance of dedicated educationalists. Our school is affiliated to the Central Board Of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


Siddhartha Central School is affliated to CBSE under the affliation code no:930720. By this venture the students of our school can study up to class XII and we feel proud to state that our 9th batch Xth students and 7th batch XII  students have appeared for the board exams in the academic year 2017-18.The school follows CBSE syllabus.

CBSE affiliation documents :



Our school is very keen in implementing the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme with a Pragmatic outlook.

CCE- Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

CCE- Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation refers to a system of school based evaluation of student that covers all aspects of students development. It is a development process of student which emphasizes on two fold objectives.These objectives are continually in evaluation and assessment of broad based learning and behavioral outcomes on the other.

It is a continuous evaluation process rather than an event and built into the total teaching learning process and spread over the entire span of academic session. Since abilities, attitudes and aptitudes can manifest themselves in forms other than the written word, the term Comprehensive refers to application of variety of tools and techniques and aims of assessing a learner’s development in areas of learning like knowledge, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, creating etc.

The CCE evaluation is used as a quality control device to maintain desired standard of performance and to make the process of teaching and learning a student-centered activity.

The ‘comprehensive’ component of CCE takes care of assessment of all round development of child’s personality. It includes assessment in Scholastic as well as Co-Scholastic aspects of student’s growth.

The major emphasis of CCE is on the continuous growth of students ensuring their intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural and social development and therefore it will not be merely limited to assessment of student’s scholastic attainments.

Formative and Summative Assessmentdscn1142-366x210

Formative Assessment is a tool used by the teacher to continuously monitor student progress in a supportive environment. It involves regular descriptive feedback, provides a platform for the active involvement of students in their own learning. Incorporates varied learning styles to decide how and what to teach.

Summative Assessment is carried out at the end of a course of learning and is generally taken by students at the end of a semester to demonstrate the sum of what they have or have not learned. An academic year is divided into two semester, June to September and October to March. Summative assessment methods are the most traditional way of evaluating student work.

Co-Scholastic Assessmentdsc_2784-316x210

The desirable behavior related to student’ life skills, attitudes, interests, values, co-curricular activities and physical health are described as skills to be acquired in co-scholastic domain. The analysis of records raised as result of periodic observation is done to validate the attainment of the quality resulting in growth in the  co-scholastic areas. The grades and descriptive indicators are assigned on the basis of the degree of the attainment of a particular skill or behavioral outcome.

Medium of Instruction:

Being a CBSE school, the medium of instruction is English. Besides, Malayalam and Hindi language are being taught with due importance. Having felt the need to improve the proficiency of our students in English we have introduced the ‘Communicative English’ and ‘English promoters Club’ in the campus. Two periods per week per class are allotted exclusively for improving the standard of English handled by well qualified teachers.


For the academic year 2016-2017 the school has more than 2000 students on roll, 76 teaching staff and 38 non-teaching staff. However the strength of each class will be limited to 35 only in a division.

School Transport

The school bus facilities are available to all the students of the locality and even for outstation students. The buses are operating within a radius of 25 kilometers. At present we have 17 buses.

Interaction with parents

The Open House System enables the parents to have an active and creative exchange of ideas with the principal, class teachers and subject teachers before and after each and every examination. This enhances a proper communication between the parents and the teachers to take remedial measures and ensures the progress of every child.



1. Name of the school with address                                                           Siddhartha central school,

Magistrate Junction, Pallimon
P.O, Kollam, Kerala- 691576

(i) Email                                                                                                
(ii) Ph. No.                                                                                                      0474-2566177
(iii) Website                                                                                         
2. Year of establishment of school                                                            2004
3. Whether NOC from state/UT or
Recommendation of embassy of
India obtained?                                                                                             Yes
(i) NOC No.                                                                                                    180/2019
(ii) NOC issuing date                                                                                   25/02/2019
4. Is the school recognized, if yes by
which authority                                                                                            Yes, Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi

5. Status of affiliation
Permanent/ Regular/ provisional                                                           Provisional
(i) Affiliation No.                                                                                         930720
(ii) Affiliation with board since                                                                2007, 01/04/2007
(iii) Extension of affiliation upto                                                             2023
6. Name of the trust registered under
Section 25 of the company’s act
1956.                                                                                                               Siddhartha Foundation
period upto registration is valid                                                               Lifetime
7. Mode of payment of salary                                                                    Bank transfer
(i) Name of the bank through
Which salary is drawn                                                                                UCO Bank, Kollam
(ii) Through single cheque transfer
Advice                                                                                                            Yes
8. Area of school campus
(i) In Acres                                                                                                   4.228
(ii) In sq. mtrs                                                                                             171120 sq. mtrs
(iii) Built up area(sq. mtrs)                                                                      5249.88 sq. mtrs
(iv) Area of playground in sq.mtrs
(v) Other facilities
(a) Indoor games                                                                                       Yes
(b)Dance rooms                                                                                         Yes
(c) Gymnasium                                                                                          No
(d)Music room Yes
(e) Health and medical check                                                                 Yes
9. Transport facility                                                                                  Yes
(i) Own buses                                                                                             Yes
(ii) Buses hired on contract basis                                                          No
(iii) Details of transport charges                                                           450-1000 as per various slabs
According to distance
10.Library facilities
(i) Size of library in sq. ft                                                                       670.7 sq.ft
(ii) No. of periodicals                                                                              10
(iii) No. of dailies                                                                                     8
(iv) No. of reference books classwise                                                  200
(v) No. of magazine                                                                                 15
(vi) Others- Library books                                                                    11200