Online Admission In CBSE 10th result , we have got all India 5th Rank & District Topper (Athira S Kumar – 99%, 495/500 marks), 100% first class pass with 16 students scored above 90% and 54 students secured distinction In CBSE class 12th result , Siddhartha bagged the district topper position(Soorya Narayanan S – 488/500 , 97.6%) with 100% first class pass & 12 out of 18 students scored distinction.

Siddhartha Central School

Aims and Objectives

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The sole aim of education should be the overall development of the child, making them bold and valiant to face the challenging realities of life. Education should make them assimilate virtues and realise his immense potentiality.

The existing educational system, other than the New Educational Policy of the Govt of India and C.B.S.E, has nothing to do in providing quality education. This realisation led us to start a C.B.S.E School in the rural area of Kollam, at Pallimon, which can provide all the required amenities recommended by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.


An endevour is being made to accomplish the objective through imparting quality education to the students with optimum use of modern educational technologies. Smart Learn Class and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme are implemented for the holistic development of the students to meet the international standard of education.

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