demo MANDATORY PERFORMANCE DISCLOSURE Online Admission In CBSE 10th result , we have got all India 5th Rank & District Topper (Athira S Kumar – 99%, 495/500 marks), 100% first class pass with 16 students scored above 90% and 54 students secured distinction In CBSE class 12th result , Siddhartha bagged the district topper position(Soorya Narayanan S – 488/500 , 97.6%) with 100% first class pass & 12 out of 18 students scored distinction.

Siddhartha Central School


charity-1-322x236-customThe test of our progress is not whether we add –
more to the abundance of those who have much.
It is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.
(Franklin. D. Rosevelt)
As one of the well known non-governmental, Charitable organization of Kollam District, Siddhartha Foundation, the managing body of the school sincerely moulds the children to assist the poor and deprived section of the society with love and dedication. The school gives fee concession and scholarship to the children from deserved families and gives complete support to their studies up to senior secondary level. Right from the inception of  the school more than 74 students have availed this concession.

This systematic and organized group consists of students, teachers, parents and the members of the management under the charitable organization namely “Daya Charitable Forum; help the sick and unhealthy people of the nearby area. The forum contributes money, dress, food, medicine, social guidance etc with the co-operation of the public and social workers. We organize blood donation camps, medical camps occasionally. Thus the children are being motivated to understand their society and the needy people around them.

Students celebrating Onam by serving the one who deserves

For the last 7 years, children visit the economically backward families, a week before the Onam Festival to distribute a packet full of stationery items to meet their Onam requirements. the Onam – kit consists of food material, dress, etc worth more than 700/- rupees. Last year they had contributed the Onam-kit to 214 eligible families.
extending support to the family of kulappadom Manikandan by handing over Rs.1 Lakh in the presence of Sri M.A.Baby MLA


We are very grateful to our beloved parents for their sincere co-operation in the service of humanity.




















Those who are willing to be the part of the charity may contribute to

A/c No. SB -13260100088868

Federal Bank, Kureeppally,

The Principal,


Pallimon P.O.,Kollam)

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