demo MANDATORY PERFORMANCE DISCLOSURE Online Admission In CBSE 10th result , we have got all India 5th Rank & District Topper (Athira S Kumar – 99%, 495/500 marks), 100% first class pass with 16 students scored above 90% and 54 students secured distinction In CBSE class 12th result , Siddhartha bagged the district topper position(Soorya Narayanan S – 488/500 , 97.6%) with 100% first class pass & 12 out of 18 students scored distinction.

Siddhartha Central School


The layout of the school takes advantage of the natural breeze, while ample greenery and shaded courtyards help maintain a cool environment.


dsc_0010-284x174-customSchool library has a collection of more than 7000 books. The Library is spacious with audio-visual facilities, computers, large collection of books and CD for wide range of  subjects and has a full-fledged reference section and reading room for convenience of students and teachers. Books are issued to students at regular intervals with definite rules governing issuance and return of books.


Computer Lab


The school has a well equipped and spacious Computer lab with more than a dozen computers. The computer education is free for children from LKG to Class 2. From class 3 onwards, a nominal fee is charged for the computer education. To make computer learning more interesting and understandable the lab is also equipped with smart learning Class.



Physics Labimg_3108-286x214-custom

The Physics lab is sophisticated and well-furnished with all equipments to meet the practical requirements of students up-to XII standard. The lab is spacious and great care has been taken to maintain the standards.


Chemistry Lab


Siddhartha’s Chemistry lab is well-furnished with latest infrastructure and facilities to inculcate in students the modern methodologies of learning. The lab is very spacious and can accommodate at a time 40 students to do the practicals in hazard-free condition.

Biology Lab



Our biology lab is a unique miniature of a bio-diversified life. It imparts a positive approach to the students in learning the manifestations of life. The spacious lab with modern scientific infrastructure supports all the practical needs of the students up to XII standard.


Evening School


With the intention to provide an effective training to the students talented in art, music, dance, yoga, karate, Roller-skating, sports and games, an evening school will work between 3.30 to 4.30 pm on all working days. Interested students can join by paying a reasonable fee.



Smart Class


What they see is what they learn well and retain – this is the philosophy behind introducing smart class digital learning for students at Siddhartha. We see how quickly the world is integrating more technology into everyday life. Part of our IT goal is to bring clarity in perception and guidance to our students so they are able to fully utilize these tools and experience how new software, hardware and infrastructures can enhance the way they think, collaborate and innovate.


Robotics Lab

Robotic learning is an interactive & realistic method in pedagogy which is now trending worldwide and is successfully implemented at our school. The objective of this scheme is to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds. Robotime-based learning is introduced to bring a futuristic change in the life of every student





The school runs a fleet of buses to facilitate its students and staff to commute to and from various places in Kollam such as Chiramukku, Cheruvakkal , Chathannur, Kareepra, Kuzhimathicadu, Kummallor, Ayathil , Thanimukku, Cheriyela, Pooyappally, Meeyanoor, Chinnakkada,  Naalkavala, Perumpuzha etc. Our goal is to safely transport students to our campus and back home again