demo MANDATORY PERFORMANCE DISCLOSURE Online Admission In CBSE 10th result , we have got all India 5th Rank & District Topper (Athira S Kumar – 99%, 495/500 marks), 100% first class pass with 16 students scored above 90% and 54 students secured distinction In CBSE class 12th result , Siddhartha bagged the district topper position(Soorya Narayanan S – 488/500 , 97.6%) with 100% first class pass & 12 out of 18 students scored distinction.

Siddhartha Central School


The PTA is a vibrant supplementary component of the Siddhartha. Apart from the annual academic persuits of the schools. The PTA has always been a pillar of strength and support to the efforts of the school in curricular and co-curricular fronts.
The PTA supports & sponsors important events and projects undertaken by the school.